We are dedicated to the promotion and protection of the four pillars of our American republic:




Free Enterprise

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You can be a lifetime member with any contribution or no contribution other than your desire to stand up for faith, family, freedom and free enterprise. These contributions are not tax-exempt because we don’t want the IRS limiting our freedom.

Every new member makes our voice and influence stronger

  • Every new member makes our voice and influence stronger
  • Together we can support like-minded candidates for all levels of public service
    • Just imagine how many epistles could be delivered by 1,000 patriots armed with the Truth about the issues and candidates. 100 home visits each would equal 100,000 familes with republic-saving truth
  • Together we can support faith, and family friendly businesses
  • Together we can harness the power of group buying power. The partnership between Freedom Club members and Freedom Club businesses that sponsor programming on Flag Family radio stations
  • Have access to our own website where we can share insights and opportunities with each other

We need listener support because we are not politically correct in that we speak FREELY about our support for the Christian faith and original constitutional intent of the Founding Fathers.